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"Heal the soul first; then healing of the mind and body will follow"

 Zhi Gang Sha

Alignment. What does it feel like to be aligned? Imagine flowing with joy and peace, having an abundant heart space, knowing that you are in the right place, you are using the gifts you have been given, you are speaking your authentic voice in the world, you are filling the place that only you can fill because it was designed just for you. Your soul is thriving.

I will help you to connect to your intuition and bring in clarity around what is keeping you back from perfect alignment, whether that be past experiences that you are holding on to, triggers that must be cleared in order to go forward, or not fully tapping into your intuition. We then intuitively work through each area bringing your mind, body, and spirit into alignment. Each session is tailor-made for the needs of the individual client.

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Lydia’s approach, her kind soothing voice and her skills liberated me and balanced me in ways I couldn’t even understand. She was everything you can hope and aspire to be. I had a lot of relief past the sessions and new space in my heart body to create a more connected life. Working as an energy worker, with an energy worker was wonderful. In many many ways our practice is different, and the results as well. Thank you Lydia! 

- Energy Healing Review

Lydia has been helping me over the past few months. I've had ongoing therapy over the years with another therapist that has been very helpful. I was following Lydia on Instagram and connected with her posts. I was finding myself watching for her posts because I felt they were healing me in a different way. I decided to give energy healing a try. I guess you would call it a different modality of healing that I had only heard of, but never tried it personally. I decided to reach out and make an appointment. The energy healing was through Skype. Lydia was easy to talk with and she was guiding me through some things that I was experiencing. She worked on my chakras and also gave me things to do with the different chakras that needed extra care. I found myself experiencing peace. I began to do more work that she suggested I do, and I continued to feel more clear. I am so happy that I have decided to try energy healing because I feel it has taken my healing to a higher level. Thank you, Lydia

-  Wendy Halley

I recently had the opportunity to experience a remote energy healing session with Lydia. I found the session really helpful - I felt a higher degree of balance and calm during and after the session. I believe Lydia's intervention helped speed up the healing of an eye infection that I was recovering from. Thank you for sharing your gifts, Lydia

- Energy Work Client

While I've known about energy work for the majority of my life, working with Lydia definitely took it to a whole new level. After a session with her, I feel so light and free. She has personally felt what it's like to be burdened with unhealthy energy and has learned processes to clear that away and to live a life full of joy, love, and light. Working with someone who has had similar struggles, and has overcome them through energy work and clearing which is so powerful. I truly believe that if every person was open to energy work and true healing, that everyone would be able to experience a life of abundant joy.

- Energy Work Review

Lydia is the one that introduced me to energy work, I was very interested but didn’t really know what to expect. I also couldn’t’ identify what I would need from it, but Lydia acts as a guide through it and is able to identify things that you need to release from. It’s a very lightening experience in the sense that I felt things lifted off of me by the end of the session. If you are intimidated about having to talk about anything, your participation and comfort level in that aspect is totally controlled by you, there is no pressure, only light and love. I think all humans should experience energy work everything in our universe is energy we can’t ignore that 😊

- Allison Heuduck

Lydia is an amazing person. I really enjoyed her energy work sessions. On our first session, we cried together (a good thing!)because of some stuff that came up during the session. I highly recommend Lydia as an Energy Healer!

- Jen Shin

Lydia is a beautiful and talented energy healer. She has such a gentle yet strong presence and combined with her intuitive ability, she was able to help me get into alignment very quickly. She is gifted musically and is able to infuse your manifestations with her original music. She is just an amazing soul to work with. Highly recommended!

Energy work with Lydia has been transformative - changing my own state and the “what “ I’m creating in my life. ⁣Feeling negativity or low frequencies leave during a session is so helpful! After that kind of shift, I can walk back into my day at peace and with more hope because I’m grounded.⁣

I’m growing in my own capacities - how to visualize and what to meditate on- to shift my energy in the day-to-day. But I’m also helped along, learning new things with every appointment I have with Lydia.⁣

Being in tune with my own energy and Divine has become invaluable to me. I’d encourage everyone to have energy work and Lydia is an amazing human to help serve you in this way, something you can’t do for yourself. 

-  Phillip Ryan Block

Recently had the honor to not only meet Lydia, but also have a session with her. I have been studying energy healing as well as meditation for the majority of 2019. Her work is intuitive, brilliant and vulnerable. If you are looking to get in tune with what the universe has in store for you, please reach out to Lydia.

- Brandi Hartman

I have had the honor of one of Ms. Lydia's energy clearing sessions! During the session, I felt several different sensations, - from goosebumps to almost short of breath occasionally. I have no experience with her specialty so I had no idea what to expect. After the session, it took a couple of days for my energy to re-align which made me feel a little sluggish and tired. Since the session, I feel amazing! I feel very centered and on point! My mind is clear and ready to take on anything! I highly recommend her service as it can be a game-changer if you are open to accepting such a priceless gift. Thank you, Ms. Lydia, you are amazing! God bless you and the work you do!

-  Teal Tobin

Lydia is a very talented person. She has the gift of being able to work through God. Every time I have had a session with Lydia, she has helped me in so many ways. She never fails to amaze me. I am so glad I started taking sessions with Lydia, she is amazing and I would recommend her to anyone and everyone

- Energy Work Review

I'm very thankful for having found Lydia. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. I was ready to make a positive change in my life, to let go of the negativity of the past... But that's easier said than done. I've had five sessions with Lydia, and I feel 10 years younger. Lydia is gentle, wise, filled with love, and has the answers I was looking for. It's amazing how great you can feel once you have guidance and a gentle push in the right direction. I highly recommend Lydia and hope someone reading this testimonial will have the courage to take the step I took to make a positive change in their life.

-Lisa Jellison

I did energy work with Lydia in person and I loved it! I have never had an energy work session so I didn't know what to expect. She gave a very relaxing massage (which I love) and at the same time was picking up on the energy in the different parts of my body. At the end of the session, she spent some time balancing my energy and teaching me about the Chakras (yeah, total newbie here). I really liked her special touch at the end which was to choose a number that speaks to me and she would read that page out of a book. I left feeling completely relaxed and totally different than when I walked in! Amazing!

- Dawn Pensack

After an energy healing session, I feel so relaxed, calm AND ... so much lighter! Lydia did a beautiful job balancing out my energies and is such a talented healer. She's kind, gentle, and so intuitive. Thank you, Lydia! So grateful for your beautiful work!

Expansion Programs

Abundant You

Recreating your story, healing trauma, clearing limiting beliefs, bringing in clarity, connecting you to your intuition, creating a roadmap to bring your life/business into alignment and abundance and then walking you through the action phase

Heal your heart and transform your life during this

12 -week program

Abundant Lightworker

Bringing your body, mind, and soul back into alignment, balancing your masculine & feminine energy, bringing any messages that come in about your personal healing and your business, clearing any blocks keeping you back from abundance, teaching you energy healing techniques that are specific to you and your gifts as a healer

Expand your gifts and realign your life/business during this 12-week program

Abundant Empath

You will learn how to separate your energy from the energy of others, how to stop attracting energy vampires and start attracting people who are for your highest good. You will learn how to step into your gifts as an empath. The sessions will include healing from past trauma and clearing all energetic attachments. By the end of the 12 weeks, you will be in an abundant place with your energy to yourself again

Create boundaries, deeply heal, and step fully into your gifts as an Empath during this 12-week program

What do the sessions entail?

Energetic Attunement

During energetic attunement sessions, I provide a space for clients to clear and let go of the heavy burdens they have been carrying.

Imagine if you could step into a guided meditation that was made just for you, this session is very much like that. It is like having a shower for the soul.

I use reiki and psychosomatic healing to balance out the client's energy. This helps clients clear from the energy that is bringing them down and stopping the flow of abundance in their lives. This could include negative thoughts, unhealthy attachments, negative energy caused by a traumatic experience that is still hanging out in the body, helping the client to heal from the inside out.


After receiving an energetic attunement, you will leave the session with more clarity, lightness, and alignment.

Shifting from the inside out

Recreating your Story

When focusing on emotional clearing, we will pinpoint negative patterns in the client's life that are holding them back. We will figure out where the patterns originated from and then go back in time to the specific difficult moments in their life that are still dictating their present life and we will re-write the script, changing both present and future.

I use EFT and energy work during these sessions to facilitate comfort as we delve deep into the client's past.

By the end of the session, the limiting beliefs that have caused the negative patterns are completely gone, the experience(s) that brought on the limiting beliefs have been healed, all negative energy from the experience(s) has been removed and replaced with love and light. This allows the client to go forward with new healthy beliefs that serve their highest good. This session

provides a transformational change.

Stepping into your best self

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Abundant Heart Space is creating a community for empaths and intuitives.

My mission is to help Empaths and Intuitives access their abundant heart space - and I do that with my 1:1 sessions. But, we need a space for a community of empaths - a place where we can trust, share, and encourage without reservation. This community is so much more than just the people who have time and resources for 1:1 sessions - I don’t have the bandwidth to help everyone individually.

So, that’s why I’m investing my time into building this space - our space. I’ve inviting - encouraging - you to become apart of making that dream a reality by joining me on Patreon.

Why Patreon vs. another platform?

One, It’s private. There are limitations to what we can share & discuss in public - so, our most dedicated, caring, and supportive community needs to be protected. It’s a place for empaths are understood, safe, and encouraged.

Two, It’s easy to use. Some of you probably already use Patreon, and it’s simple to use on a phone or your computer - for you and me! All the notifications, messages, payments, and posts are right there. I get easier access to you, and you get easier access to the community on a platform that is self-contained and allows us to focus on each other.

I deeply care about providing the space, support, and encouragement that this community needs. However, there is a trade-off between helping a few high dollar clients or creating an accessible community. To make this sustainable, the entry-level is only $5/month and it unlocks 100% of the posts and community content for everyone.

For everyone who joins, the value they receive greatly outweighs their individual investment. But for the community, each individual contribution adds up - they make it possible. Patreon is and will be the foundation that allows me to spend the time and resources supporting the community.

By becoming a Patreon, you will join me in my adventure to spread light and love to the world through learning how to access your divine gifts.

Thank you for choosing healing, we're so happy to have you join us,

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