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Abundant You

Heal your heart and transform your life during this

12 -week program

Recreating your story, healing your trauma, clearing limiting beliefs, bringing in clarity, connecting you back to your heart and your intuition, creating a roadmap to bring all areas of your life into alignment. Providing you with the tools and the practice to become the healer of your own life experiences

Abundant Lightworker

Expand your gifts and realign all areas of your life during this 12-week program

Bringing your body, mind, and soul back into alignment, creating healthy boundaries and healing all blocks that have been keeping you back from authentically showing up, leading you back to your voice, your power, and your innate spiritual gifts, expanding upon those gifts, teaching you energy healing techniques that are specific to you and your gifts as a lightworker


Feeling negativity & low frequencies leave during a session is so helpful!

Energy work with Lydia has been transformative - changing my own state and the “what “ I’m creating in my life. ⁣Feeling negativity & low frequencies leave during a session is so helpful! After that kind of shift, I can walk back into my day at peace and with more hope because I’m grounded.⁣

I’m growing in my own capacities - how to visualize and what to meditate on- to shift my energy in the day-to-day. But I’m also helped along, learning new things with every appointment I have with Lydia.⁣

Being in tune with my own energy and Divine has become invaluable to me. I’d encourage everyone to have energy work and Lydia is an amazing human to help serve you in this way, something you can’t do for yourself. 

— Energy Work Client

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"Heal the soul first; then healing of the mind and body will follow"

 Zhi Gang Sha

Alignment. What does it feel like to be aligned?


Imagine flowing with joy and peace, having an abundant heart space, knowing that you are in the right place, you are using the gifts you have been given, you are speaking your authentic voice in the world, you are filling the place that only you can fill because it was designed just for you.


Your soul is thriving.


These are the gifts you can give yourself through investing in your healing TODAY, these are not far-off goals, they are very attainable and in your reach, by going on this healing journey together, you will achieve them. 

It's time to come back home to your abundant heart space.

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