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My Story

The universe has a way of connecting us with the right people at the right time, and for some reason our paths have crossed which brings me joy. I'm going to share a little about me!

I am a distance healer and teacher - I help people unleash their full potential through clearing from past traumas, creating boundaries, providing clarity, teaching intuition & tools for empaths.


My career was birthed from me having a medical miracle. I went FROM having severe allergies & asthma - (I carried around an Eppie pen and had to use an inhaler on a regular basis. I lost so much weight, at my lowest I was around 95 pounds.) - TO being cleared of all my allergies, asthma and gaining all my weight back, most importantly being FREE, LIGHT and HAPPY.  


I learned my allergies came about because of a very traumatic experience that happened to me right at the same time that my allergies started. When physical symptoms show up in the body, so many times it's reflecting something going on at a soul level. It is so important to go about healing every part, not just the body, not just the mind, not just the soul. I am now using the same healing techniques to help people heal their mind/soul/body from the inside out.


I have a podcast! And it's called "Find your Happy" 

I love rock climbing, hiking mountains, playing strategic board games, light roast coffee, and helping people to access their abundant heart space. Reach out!

I hope to hear from you soon,


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