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You have big dreams, you are going somewhere beautiful, you know you were called to help the world, but you feel everything and many times it leaves you overwhelmed and drained. People have called you empathic, you can sense the energy in the room, but you haven’t fully learned how to protect yourself from other people's energy. Many times, you don't even know if what you are feeling in that moment is from you or from someone else.

That's why I'm here

During the next 12 weeks, we are going to delve deep into learning to put up healthy boundaries, to clear past experiences that still come up to haunt you in your present reality, to teach you how to access the tools you had all along, these amazing, beautiful, parts of being an empath. So that you can go forward and help people from a healthy place, and leave feeling light. You’re not heavy, you’re not feeling burdened, you’ve learned how to stay in your own energy. You’ve learned how to put up healthy boundaries so that being around negativity doesn’t drag you down.

What to expect after the three months:

You will be lighter, working through past traumas and limiting beliefs

You will have more clarity

You will be more connected to your intuition

You will be able to be with people who previously triggered you without being triggered and staying in your own energy

You will establish healthy boundaries

You will create daily and weekly self-care practices

You will be  living in the energy of abundance

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Price: $555 / month 

What's Included

12-Week Program

This intensive, impactful, and transformative program will give you unlimited access to me and all of the resources I can provide.

Piano Mantra

We will craft your future mantra together and then I'll create a unique piano composition infused with your future energy for you to use when you meditate.

10 Healing Sessions

Three one-on-one energy healing sessions per month + one session to use when needed. Includes five 45-minute sessions, and five 20-minute sessions.

Additional Healing

Outside of our scheduled sessions, I will also send distance energy healing as needed.

Aura healing, balancing male-female energies, protection filter of divine love, clearing negative energy with reiki

Weekly Check-Ins

Every week we will check-in together to ensure you are aligned and your needs are addressed.

Abundant Empath

As empaths, we are not here to be sponges or enablers. We are here to be helpers, guides, and supporters. - Aletheia Luna

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Price: $555/ month

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