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You and your business are evolving beautifully. As you step into the next level, you want to be in complete alignment in every aspect of your life and business. You feel like you are not using all of your spiritual gifts in the capacity that you could be, and you may even feel you aren't sure how to use the ones you have.

That's why I'm here

During the next 12 weeks, we are going to delve deep into healing any part of your complete being that is keeping you back from growth and abundance in different areas of your life and business. We will call in both of our spiritual teams, and together we will receive messages around what is needed to step into abundance in your life and business and how to best use your spiritual gifts. We will then put those into action. I will walk beside you throughout the whole process. We will start each session out with guided meditations together to bring in exactly what your soul needs that day.

What to expect after the three months:

You will be lighter and will have more clarity

Your life and business will be in complete alignment

You will have more confidence in your work and will be using your spiritual gifts to their fullest capacity

You will have action steps put into place to bring more expansion into your life and business


You will be living from an energetic place of abundance

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Price: $444 / month

What's Included

12-Week Program

This intensive, impactful, and transformative program will give you unlimited access to me and all of the resources I can provide.

Piano Mantra

We will craft your future mantra together and then I'll create a unique piano composition infused with your future energy for you to use when you meditate.

9 Healing Sessions

3 one-on-one energy healing sessions per month based on your unique needs. Includes six 20-minute sessions, and three 45-minute sessions.

Additional Healing

Outside of our scheduled sessions, I will also send distance energy healing as needed.

Aura healing, Balancing male-female energies, Protection filter of divine love, Clearing negative energy with reiki

Weekly Check-Ins

Every day we will check-in together to ensure you are aligned and your needs are addressed.

Abundant Lightworker

By taking courageous steps forward in alignment with your purpose, you are making huge ripples, helping so many souls through your heart-centered life and business in the authentic way that only you can 

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Price: $444/ month

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