Abundant You

You know life was meant to be sweeter than this. You feel stuck. You find yourself repeating certain negative patterns over and over and you are ready to go forward but you don't quite know how. You are ready to heal your heart, you are ready to stop living in the past, you are ready to create a life where joy and love is at it's center.

That's why I'm here

During the next 12 weeks, we are going to delve deep into healing your heart.  We will pinpoint negative patterns in your life that are holding you back from going forward. We will clear negative energy, heal the trauma, and re-write the script, changing both present and future. Energy work and somatic healing are used in each session to balance out your energy and reprogram your subconscious, releasing negative patterns that are bringing you down and stopping the flow of abundance in your life. This could include negative thoughts, unhealthy attachments, energy stuck in the body caused by certain traumatic experiences, healing you from the inside out. 

What to expect after the three months:

You will be energetically lighter. Healed from past traumas and cleared from negative cycles

You will have  clarity through being connected to your heart space and intuition

Your mind, body, and soul will be living in harmony and alignment

You will be living from a place of joy and peace

You will have daily and weekly self-care practices

You will be living in the energy of abundance

You will be your own Healer, the conscious creator of your life experiences.

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Price: $333 / month

What's Included

12-Week Program

This intensive, impactful, and transformative program will give you unlimited access to me and all of the resources I can provide.

Additional Healing

Outside of our scheduled sessions, I will also send distance energy healing as needed.

Aura healing, balancing male-female energies, protection filter of divine love, & chakra healing.

6 Healing Sessions

Bi-weekly one-on-one energy healing sessions based on your unique needs. Includes three 45-minute sessions, and three 20-minute sessions.

Piano Mantra

We will craft your future mantra together and then I'll create a unique piano composition infused with your future energy for you to use when you meditate.

Weekly Check-Ins

Every week we will check-in together to ensure you are aligned and your needs are addressed.

 Abundant  You

Healing is about letting go of everything that isn’t you, all of the expectations, all of the beliefs, and becoming who you are, an abundant soul living in your purpose.

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Price: $333/ month


Lydia Keeney,

Owner, Abundant Heart Space