Circle of Abundance

  1. If you are on the path of becoming an intentional creator of your life, but you are finding it hard to keep consistent with your energetic hygene

  2. if you are ready to get crystal-clear on exactly what you are meant to manifest and are ready to speed up each manifestation through the power of collective  energy work and intention setting

  3. If you are motivated by having accountability

  4. If your masculine left-brain is in the driver's seat and you are ready to live a more balanced life

then you've come to the right place

Imagine how much abundance flows in from a group of lightworkers all helping one another energetically rise. Each group session will have a cap of 5 people, and will be a time of intense energetic clearing and powerful manifesting.  We will be meeting two times a month, around the new moon and the full moon. There is power in numbers when it comes to prayer, energy work, and intention setting. 

What to expect from Circle of Abundance:

You will become a magnet to your divine desires

You will be lighter, working through past traumas and limiting beliefs

You will learn how to do your own energy work

You will have accountability partners, as a result; you will get so much more done

You will be more connected to your intuition

You will create lifelong relationships with fellow intuitives

You will be  living in the energy of abundance

Circle of Abundance 

Monthly tuition is $222

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