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Distance Healing Sessions

Discover clarity, lightness, and alignment.

Energetic Alignments, emotional clearing, EFT, Reiki, and psychosomatic distance healing sessions.

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Energetic Attunement

​During energetic attunement sessions, I provide a space for clients to clear and let go of the heavy burdens they have been carrying.

Imagine if you could step into a guided meditation that was made just for you, this session is very much like that. It is like having a shower for the soul.

I use reiki and psychosomatic healing to balance out the client's energy. This helps clients clear from the energy that is bringing them down and stopping the flow of abundance in their lives. This could include negative thoughts, unhealthy attachments, negative energy caused by a traumatic experience that is still hanging out in the body, helping the client to heal from the inside out.


After receiving an energetic attunement, you will leave the session with more clarity, lightness, and alignment.

Emotional Clearing

When focusing on emotional clearing, we will pinpoint negative patterns in the client's life that are holding them back. We will figure out where the patterns originated from and then go back in time to the specific difficult moments in their life that are still dictating their present life and we will re-write the script, changing both present and future.

I use EFT/Reiki during these sessions to facilitate comfort as we delve deep into the client's past.

At the end of an emotional clearing session, we get rid of the negative beliefs of the client that came up during the session, and we create new positive beliefs, recreating the client's story. The result is a transformational change.