Flourish In Your Tribe
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"When  women support each other, incredible things happen"
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When women support women, incredible things happen.

This group welcomes like-minded women coming together to help each other grow, build each other up, and level up personally or professionally. We are stronger in a group and really believe that we as women can come together to help each other flourish, blossom and thrive! Drop us an email or check out our social media!

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Lydia Keeney

Reiki Master, Energy Healer, and Host of "Find your Happy" Podcast

Co-Founder of Florecer en Tribu

Instagram @abundantheartspace

Allison Heuduck

Business Owner and Life Coach

Co-Founder of Florecer en Tribu

Instagram @iamallisonhd

Lisa Jellison

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Adventure Coach

Co-Founder of Florecer en Tribu

Instagram @lisajellisonlmft

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Join Our Community

Join our facebook group that has daily tools and tips that will help you increase your joy, energy, and happiness in your daily life. 

  • #florecerlive - weekly group coaching sessions

  • Local coffee meetups

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Flourish Individual Coaching

A powerful 10-week coaching program for individuals who are curious and ready for transformation and empowerment.

  • 10 coaching sessions (meet with 3 unique coaches!)

  • Personal journal

  • 24-Hr access

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  • Woman's Journal


Flourish Individual Coaching

We offer an online individual coaching package for women. The package includes sessions with all three of us.

WHo is it for?

This is for you if you are in the middle of self-discovery and ready to go to the next level. You are curious, longing for more, and want to take the next step. You want a deeper connection in every area of your life.

What You Will Recieve

With the unique, combined skills of all three of us, by the end of the coaching you will have direction, know how to manage your feelings, have more clarity, feel lighter, exhilarated, and have more joy in everyday, and be more aware of your personal space and other people’s space, and have created healthier boundaries and rhythms. You will complete the coaching sessions feeling inspired, motived, and confident.

What's Included

1 Group Session

A group session with Lisa, Allison, and Lydia.

3 Sessions with Allison

3 Sessions with Allison Heuduck, Life Coach.

24-hour Access

24-Hour phone and email access to the group.

3 Sessions with Lisa

3 Sessions with Lisa Jellison, M.A., LMFT the Adventure Coach.

3 Sessions with Lydia

3 Sessions with Lydia Keeney, Energy Healer.

Personal Journal

A copy of “The Original Five Minute Journal”

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