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Masculine Feminine Balancing

If you’ve been feeling drained of energy, or you have been going so fast and don’t know how to slow down, If you can’t get your mind quiet, If you just feel “off” energetically, if you’ve recently found it difficult to connect to others and to your intuition, if any of those things resonated...

That's why I'm here

In the session, I will connect to your energy and balance out your masculine (right side of the body, left brain) and feminine (left side of the body, right brain) energy. I pass on any specific messages that are coming through for you; many times these messages are connected to how you can stay balanced energetically. Sometimes there are messages surrounding an experience that you must let go of for healing and balancing to happen in your body. I also do work on your chakra(s)

What to expect after the session:

You will have more clarity

You will be more connected to your intuition

You will be grounded

You will be balanced - If before you had too much energy, you will feel more relaxed. If you were struggling to have energy, you will feel more motivated and energetic than before. 

Schedule a Masculine-Feminine Balancing Session

Price: $33