3-Month Abundant Programs

Reiki Treatment
Abundant You

Heal your heart and transform your life during this 12 -week program. These sessions be filled with recreating your story, healing trauma, clearing limiting beliefs, bringing in clarity, connecting you to your intuition, channeling any messages that come through for you, creating a roadmap to bring your life/business into alignment and abundance, and then creating the actions

Joy | Clarity | Balance | ​Healing

Per month - $333

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Abundant Lightworker

Expand your gifts and realign your life/business during this 12-week program. Bringing your body, mind, and soul back into alignment, balancing your masculine & feminine energy, bringing any messages that come in about your personal healing and the expansion of your business, clearing any blocks keeping you back from abundance, teaching you energy healing techniques that are specific to you and your gifts as a healer

Depth| Clarity | Expansion | ​Alignment

Per month - $444


Lydia’s approach, her kind soothing voice and her skills liberated me and balanced me in ways I couldn’t even understand. She was everything you can hope and aspire to be. I had a lot of relief past the sessions and new space in my heart body to create a more connected life. Working as an energy worker, with an energy worker was wonderful. In many many ways our practice is different, and the results as well. Thank you Lydia!

Recently had the honor to not only meet Lydia, but also have a session with her. I have been studying energy healing as well as meditation for the majority of 2019. Her work is intuitive, brilliant and vulnerable. If you are looking to get in tune with what the universe has in store for you, please reach out to Lydia.

-  Phillip Ryan Block

After an energy healing session, I feel so relaxed, calm AND ... so much lighter! Lydia did a beautiful job balancing out my energies and is such a talented healer. She's kind, gentle, and so intuitive. Thank you, Lydia! So grateful for your beautiful work!

- Dawn Pensack

I did energy work with Lydia in person and I loved it! I have never had an energy work session so I didn't know what to expect. She gave a very relaxing massage (which I love) and at the same time was picking up on the energy in the different parts of my body. At the end of the session, she spent some time balancing my energy and teaching me about the Chakras (yeah, total newbie here). I really liked her special touch at the end which was to choose a number that speaks to me and she would read that page out of a book. I left feeling completely relaxed and totally different than when I walked in! Amazing!

- Lisa Jellison

Lydia is an amazing person. I really enjoyed her energy work sessions. On our first session, we cried together (a good thing!) because of some stuff that came up during the session. I highly recommend Lydia as an Energy Healer!

- Allison Heuduck

What Is Energy Healing?

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Energetic Attunement

Shifting from the inside out

During energetic attunement sessions, I provide a space for clients to clear and let go of the heavy burdens they have been carrying allowing them to connect more deeply to their intuition.

Imagine stepping into a guided meditation that was made just for you. That is what this session entails. It is like having a shower for the soul.

Reiki and psychosomatic healing are used in the session to balance out the client's energy, allowing clients to clear from any energy that is bringing them down and stopping the flow of abundance in their lives. This could include negative thoughts, unhealthy attachments, negative energy caused by a traumatic experience that is still hanging out in the body, helping the client to heal from the inside out.


After receiving an energetic attunement, you will leave the session with more clarity, lightness, and alignment.

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Healing the Soul

Healing past present and future

During this session, we will pinpoint negative patterns in the client's life that are holding them back. Upon discerning where the patterns originated from, we will go back in time to specific difficult moments in the client's life that are still dictating their present, and we will re-write the script, changing both present and future.

I use EFT and reiki during these sessions to facilitate comfort as we delve deep into the client's past.

By the end of the session, the client's brain is reprogrammed, and the limiting beliefs that had caused the negative patterns along with the negative energy from the trauma have been cleared from the client's mind, body, and soul.

This is a transformational session that has profound effects on the present and the future of the client.