Behind the Scenes

We live in a technology filled world today where people are encouraged to post only the best parts of their lives.

Starting anything new can seem intimidating because you find yourself comparing to the people you think of as “masters” in that specific craft. This is true for both starting new hobbies and starting a career.

The “perfectionist” view that technology feeds you can hinder you from getting far in your journey to achievement. Comparison. The thief of joy. But you’re not just equally comparing, you’re comparing your day-to-day life with the top, most successful moments in this other person’s life.

You see what I’m getting at, right? People who are marketing their brand or are sharing as they learn a new craft are less likely to share their stories of failure on social media as they are their successes.

Some of the most successful bloggers had to write weekly for sometimes over a year before they got noticed. – A big part of the reason they became successful is because they continued writing at the beginning when they weren’t any good and as they worked day in and day out at their craft, they got better and better. I used a blogger as the example here, but you can apply this principle to literally any trade or craft.

Persistence. Grit. Being willing to fail over and over. These are all qualities that are found in those who succeed.

Watch your thoughts as you scroll through social media. Are your thoughts working for you or against you? Are you constantly comparing yourself to the “perfect facade” that you find on social media? That’s not real life, remember that. Stop the negative thoughts holding you back and start believing in your goals. Take that first step, I believe in you.