Find time to disconnect

Being a mama is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. Watching your little one that you helped bring into the world grow, and doing your best to create the best environment to produce the most growth for your children.

Most people with a 9-5 job, when they leave work, they can cut chords and step into their safe place at home, mentally leaving work behind. Mothers don't get that option. They are at work 24 hours a day. If they do leave their little ones, they are still so mentally connected (as they should be).

Everyone needs a break to disconnect and to find some moments of quiet. If you are a mother feeling like this, know that you deserve this time. The amount of time needed for self will vary from mother to mother but one thing doesn't change, every single human needs some time alone.

Fathers out there, please be aware of this and make sure you are finding time in your busy schedule to give your wife a break even if that means sitting down together and finding a babysitter who comes in weekly. Sometimes when mothers are in the midst of mothering, they feel like it is their responsibility to give 100% to their little ones 24 hrs a day. Know that this is not the case. You have to make time for yourself so that you can be the best mom for your little ones. ♥️

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