There is always a window

I just had and epiphany that I'd like to put into words. I’m sure all of us have heard the little phrase that goes something like this “Where one door closes, and window will be opened.” For this analogy, I’m going to say "Where a door is locked, a window will be opened."

It is so interesting how you often don’t know whether a door is locked or unlocked until you get right up close and examine it. Sometimes you even have to jiggle the door handle, pull a little bit before you can be sure. If you sit in the middle of the room and stare at the door, you obviously won’t get anywhere, the progress won’t happen until you try the door.

You sit and stew about what ifs. "What if I could get past my emotional baggage, move to another state, start my own business..." The list goes on. The silly part is that instead of trying the doorknob, we sit in the middle of the cold dusty attic we call home because we have grown so used to it that we don’t even notice the disrepair and discomfort.

The thought of going out a window sure seems absurd when there is a door in the room. I’ve never heard someone turn to a friend and say "I wasn’t sure if the door was unlocked so I decided to climb out the the window." However, we often do this often in our lives.

Maybe in the past, you thought that a door was yours to open and go through. You lined up everything perfectly, but when you get to the door, it stayed firmly shut. You were’t able to open it in that critical situation. So, in an effort to shield yourselves from further disappoint, you don’t even try the handle. Take a step back and look at this situation. You can’t be disappointed by a door staying closed if you never tried to open it! Consequently, you spend a lot of extra time climbing out windows instead of just jiggling the door handle.

The message here is to try the door, maybe it’s little rusty but more than likely it will budge, and if it doesn’t, be patient, don’t give up on hope because when a door is closes a window will open.