Smile while you still have teeth

Today I’m left considering how many things I have to be thankful for that I have taken for granted. Some one asked a question recently that stopped me in my tracks. The question was this, “What if you woke up tomorrow with only the things you were thankful for today.” We spend our Thanksgiving feeling extremely thankful and our Black Friday forgetting all about it. It often takes crisis or tragedy for us to realize and be thankful for the most important things in life. We complain about our jobs until we no longer have one, and then we realize we had it pretty good. We gossip about out friends, we get angry when some home appliance stops working, we whine about our spouses, children and parents.

If you woke up tomorrow and the house had burned to the ground, your family and friends had left, and you had no job, yesterday would look pretty dang good. That’s not to say that you can never hope and put in the time for a job you truly love, a better a relationship with a friend or finally own that condo in Hawaii you’ve always dreamed of, just remember in the day to day journey to be grateful today. Don’t wait for the perfect time to feel grateful because I have some news for you. That "perfect time" will never come. We as humans have a way of thinking, “When I get a new car, then I’ll be happy,” but, then you’ll want a garage to put it in, and it spirals from there. Remember the kid's book"If you give a mouse a cookie..."

I challenge you to live in the moment, put a smile on someone’s face today, be thankful for the roof over you head now. Thankfulness is contagious, if you. Practice it, it just might spread. You can be the cause of a thankfulness epidemic.

Here's a link to a song that perfectly encapsulates this post. Thanks, John Denver for teaching us about the importance of living today!