Energy Healing Sessions - 1 of 5

This is the first video in a series of videos I am putting together to explain what I do as a healer. In these videos, I am going to be walking you through the five different types of remote healing sessions that I offer.

Today, I put together a video touching on the essence of energy healing and a brief synopsis what my sessions with clients look like. Here are the three steps that every one of my clients go through.

  1. Identifying: I teach my clients to become more aware of the energy around them and how they are being affected by it.

  2. Developing: I teach my clients how to go from the lower vibrating energies and learn how to live life functioning at a higher level of energy in all areas.

  3. Implementing: My goal as your healer is to give you the tools to heal yourself from the inside out so that you can then go forward and positively influence your circle of people through simply living in a higher frequency.

There is no "set" length of time that it takes to get through all three steps, this is completely dependent on the client. If you ever feel led to reach out, I am here, and I would love to answer any questions you may have and set up a session with you! - Lydia